Drop Stopper Attachments: Reclosable Rings 4/pk


Drop Stopper Attachments: Reclosable Rings 4/pk


The Drop Stopper is a parents' little sanity saver. It attaches to smooth, flat surfaces to prevent children and babies from throwing their toys and cups on dirty floors while out to eat and can be attached to high chairs, strollers, shopping carts, car seats, backpacks, you name it!  The ring chain is made of soft teether like material that is squishy and the rings will NOT come apart. The Drop Stopper is a travel must for busy families on the go! As a bonus, the Drop Stopper is dishwasher friendly, FDA approved so safe to chew, and fits nicely in diaper bags.

This is a Drop Stopper attachment set of 4 Reclosable Rings. Use these rings to attach your child's favorite toy or your favorite Drop Stopper accessory to your Drop Stopper.

Ever looked down at the dirty restaurant floor and cringed? You know what’s coming……the dreaded drop it game. Does the 5 second rule apply here? The Drop Stopper will save you from picking their toy or sippy cup up off that dirty floor every 2.5 seconds. Have twins or more than one young child? The Drop Stopper is expandable! You can create your own Drop Stopper bundle for the perfect fit for your child. This makes a wonderful, unique baby shower gift or a gift for new moms! Check out The Drop Stoppers full line of products and accessories!

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  • All Reclosable rings are purple
  • 4 pack
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Note: extensive research, testing and development went into making this safe and unique patent-approved design. The Drop Stopper rings are made from FDA approved, food grade material that is both fun and safe for little ones to chew on.